The beautiful cities of Norway are lined with trendy neighbourhoods. Characterized by good local foods, amazing fashion and art scenes. However, just a short distance from the cities is a whole different picture. 

Centuries ago, walking was the only means of getting from one point to another. People had no choice but to walk. Presently, most people living in cities use vehicles regularly. For this reason, they regard hiking as a recreational activity. However, more people have begun enjoying taking walks in cities. Urban hiking is different from country side hiking for it is quite similar to sightseeing. It involves following sidewalks and streets, observing architecture, historic sites and various manmade attractions. 

Urban hiking has become more popular for the following reasons:

1.       Urban hiking is cheap and it can happen almost anywhere in the city.

2.       Urban hiking can be as educational as visiting a museum. One can learn a lot about the city when they walk and observe it from the inside.

3.       It is easier to plan as it doesn’t require much planning and a lot of gear.

4.       Societal building. Being close to home, neighbours can form groups and get to meet and know other neighbours.