Jungle tourism, rising sport in adventure travel, involves travel across the jungle areas of earth. This sport pertains to region, activity and culture.

Almost all the jungle tour providers concentrate on the Mayan World or also called ‘Rutu Maya’. It comprises of 5 countries belonging to the Mayan Civilization. They are Belize, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The tours over here include visits to the Mayan archaeological places like Guatemala, Tikal, Copan and Chichen Itza.

Nowadays the visits contain a guided tour of Mayan and archaeological sites. The areas of Tikal as well as Chichen Itza are mostly for day time visits. A tour guide is provided to the tourists, usually by the state government or by the private tour company, who are trained professional and are certified to accompany large groups of tourists through the archaeological sites. This kind of adventure is also witnessed at Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

These tours mostly include day visits to the prominent sites and there are many jungle tour providers which showcase the lesser known Mayan jungle remains, like the Nakum, El Mirador and Yaxha. The tours need a lot of preparations, funding and also the time to explore the place as most of them are usually remotely situated areas and are inaccessible regions in the Mayan jungles. Travel to these sites is usually done by bicycles, horseback rides, and canoe or by hiking. Here is the difference between jungle tours and other adventure tours. Some tour providers even use machetes for their tours. An important distinction between jungle tours and other tours is that majority of the tour operators usually cap their tourists up to ten to fifteen while moving through the Central and South American jungle to minimize the hazards of the flora and fauna of the jungles.