Historical re-enactments are both a highly educational and entertaining activity where people try to accurately re-create historical events in live action. This activity has a long history in human history, dating as far back as the Romans who re-created famous battles to entertain the public. In the Middle Ages, tournaments often re-enacted historical events from Ancient Rome or other lost society. In the 1800’s re-enactment became popular and widespread and primarily became focused on the Middle-Ages. It was this culture that was looked fondly upon as the cure to the industrial age.

Historical reconstructions mean creating a story and timeline for a specific event in history that can be followed clearly by a live audience and is dramatic and captivating. The sequence of the events depicts the order in which they happened and historical knowledge is often given that gives the onlookers knowledge as to the causes. Historical events are mostly unique reconstructions follow suit, they tackle a variety of events from medieval battle to the evolution of the vertebrate eye.