Many people may not think ghost tours are very popular or that they are the same thing over and over the reality is far from this. Ghost tours are not a PG setting, not somewhere to take the squeamish or easily scared ones but more for those people who love to get their blood pumping and get a good fright. However, it is very easy to find family friendly ones and most places that offer ghost tours will run one suitable for everyone, just make sure to check ahead of time before you scar your child. Most ghost tours actually require some walking for an hour or two, but don’t let this bother you, the pace is very slow and trust me, you won’t be thinking about the walk. From haunted bars, to train stations, to hotels these ghost tours offer a unique way to explore cities after dark.

As well as guided tours you will be able to find local paranormal or historical societies that are also interested in these types of tours, these are usually in towns more isolated and with populations of only around 15,000. There’s plenty of reasons to be scared and these places are incredibly good at setting a mood, following the footsteps on Jack the Ripper in London or finding ghost tours in New Orleans will get creepy quick. History plays an important role in ghost tours, so it is an interactive way to find out very interesting information. How else for example, do you bring up the topic of Burke & Hare, of Edinburgh, who were body snatchers that turned to killing so they could provide cadavers to a lecturing doctor. These actions led to the passing of legislation that allowed doctors and medical students easier access to cadavers.