Tours of castles and other similar locations (palaces, cathedrals, monasteries etc.) normally specialise in small group tours of the grounds and buildings associated with the location. Germany, central Europe and Britain are especially famous for this kind of tourism as they have many buildings still in good condition left from the middle ages.

The most popular in Europe are in the Bavarian and Rhine regions however Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, France and Portugal also offer their fair share of castle tours. These historic tours can take anywhere from a simple afternoon tour to an 11-day adventure at a castle where food and boarding are offered to people willing to stay in these places at night.

The history and imagination captured in such buildings and environments has enthralled people for generations and they will continue to do so for many, many more. There are artefacts, relics and mystery surrounding and attached to these locations bring to life the past and attract thousands of tourists around the globe.