Education has to take place not only inside a classroom while seating at a desk. Organized learning can also take place beyond a traditional classroom. This type of Outdoor Education comprises programs organized in one place or it can comprise journey-type experiences where the students experience the variety of outdoor activities in the form of group games, canoeing, hiking, climbing and ropes courses. Among the organizations that provide opportunities for this type of education – and actively encourage it – are the John Muir Award and Forest Schools. This modern approach to education where students are learning beyond the formal classroom, is quite common in such countries as the USA, Australia, New Zealand,  UK and other parts of Europe. It is less common in Asia and Africa.

The United Kingdom: An established English Outdoor Council exists in the UK where outdoor education has been defined as the means for both students and teachers to embrace nature and to be outdoors while engaging completely in the lesson. The council tries to promote participation in this part of education throughout schools in the UK because it allows students to grow with nature while expanding their minds.

Outdoor Education in the UK:

•        Outdoor Education Centres: Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre

  • Institute For Outdoor Learning

•        Scottish Outdoor Education Centres

The United States of America: Two mountaineers who are passionate to educate others about the environment are considered to be the founders of the outdoor education in the USA. There are numerous companies and organizations that work towards the development of outdoor education across the country from Florida to the Colorado Mountains.

Outdoor Education in the USA:

•        Outdoor Education Employment

  • Association for Experiential Education

•        California Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education

New Zealand and Australia: Outdoor education certificate programs are numerous in both Australia and New Zealand. The extensive coastlines and mountainous regions of both countries ensure that there are people who want to explore the environment being plunged into outdoor education.

Outdoor Education in Australia & New Zealand: 

•        Outdoor Education Australia

•        The Outdoor Education Group

•        Australia Journal of Outdoor Education

•        Outdoor Education New Zealand

•        Outward Bound New Zealand

Canada: Canada is another country that is renowned for its programs and experiences in outdoor education because of the existence of mountains, like British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains, and national parks, like Algonquin Park in Ontario.  Most of the outdoor/environmental education in Canada is conducted in the form of residential and outdoor camp programs, programs for schools and commercialized travel companies. There are numerous programs that are run after school by camps like the YMCA or schools – particularly during the summer. These programs are the base of the outdoor education.

Outdoor Education in Canada: 

•        Norval Outdoor Education

•        Sea To Sky Outdoor Education

•        Outdoor Education