A concert is a name deemed to a musical performance in front of an audience, be it from a single performer on stage or an ensemble of many, such as band, choir, or orchestra. Concerts are performed in a variety of settings with different capacities for the audience: small nightclubs for bare a hundred people, to concert halls, parks, and areas that can easily accommodate thousands. Concerts at sports stadiums are often referred to as arena concerts and their attendance can easily exceed the ten thousand.

The settings and details of the concert vary widely from performer to performer, they usually hold conventions from the musical genre they each belong to but bend them to fit their particular style. Atmosphere and mood can vary widely from one artist to the other just as much as their songs do.

One long concert by a number of different artists is called a deemed festival. These multi-day affairs usually lump together performers from varied musical genres. Due to the massive size of their attendance, they are mostly held outdoors.

Concert tours are a series of concerts held by a performer, or group of performers across different locations, cities, and countries. Concerts are usually baptized with a unique name to differentiate them from past ones and to promote the new recently released album with the songs being performed there live for the first time. Probably the single is the most popular form of the concert which can span multiple continents for many months or even years. These enterprises are multi-million-dollar affairs both in spending and ticket revenue.