Horseback riding is a fantastic sport to get involved in and there are many different locations or style for which you can take up or participate in. Normally depending where you go the horses have been trained to respond to certain commands, it is not the same universal and can differ considerably sometimes. Riding by horseback is one of the best ways to interact with the environment in a very natural way however, a good example is of horseback safaris, the other animals don’t see the horse as a threat and stay relatively calm allowing you to get very close to wild animals.

If you are thinking of entering this world on more than a one-off opportunity there are always local horse-riding centres where you can acquire tuition. Lessons can be expensive however so before diving straight in, ask current pupils what it’s like and view the lessons. Research the equipment you need well and be sure you know what decisions to make when purchasing it, you don’t want to buy poorly made products or ones that are not good for you or the horses.