A food tour will include a guided tour by a professional of the local food and beverage environment of the area, they offer a great way to get a good taste and source for local and artisanal ingredients. You will also learn the history of both the location and the cuisine and how they may have influenced each other.

Ranging from $35-$70, the courses will naturally vary greatly, they are normally performed in groups though it is not impossible to secure private or small group tours. Tours will include walking to various restaurants and shops in a specific neighbourhood, touring a city’s ethnic region and can be conducted on buses, bicycles, Segway’s or even by car. These tours can last from around 2-4 hours yet since there is a great variety in tour agency some will last anywhere up to a few days.

You will obviously stop for food in some of these locations that will often adequately replace the meal you are missing out on to be there, with this in mind there may be some extra costs associated with some tours. This will of course be told to you in advance on the agency’s website, but if you are unsure ask for clarification.

It will be sensible to wear comfortable shoes and bring a bag in which you can carry any personal items and purchases you may make. The usual weather warnings are also advised, wear appropriate clothes and sun or rain protection if needed, sun cream may even be needed on cloudy days, don’t risk it. This is said because most tours will occur whether it’s raining or the sun is shining and you should be prepared for both, depending on the location of your tour that is.

So here are some things you should ask before a tour:

  • What is included in the tour price and what will you have to pay extra for?
  • How is the tour being conducted (foot, Segway, bus etc,)? And are there accommodations for small children and people with mobility issues?
  • Is there local parking?
  • What is the policy for a cancellation or refund?
  • What is not necessary to bring? What is?
  • Does the tour return to the start location?
  • Are photographs and videos allowed?
  • How does the agency meet the needs of those with dietary restrictions?
  • What is the weather forecast?