No longer have coffee aficionados relinquish the drinking of their favourite cup of coffee aboard. Thanks to the requested presence  of the preferred brand names of coffee onboard, you get to choose the tasty cup of joy you’d sorely miss onboard of less cup-savvy ships.

Just as the best coffee shops do, the coffee cruises offer more than a cup. The atmosphere, amenities and mood set all blend together to create that uniquely relaxing experience of coffee nirvana at sea that you've thought could only be reached inside the safety of your favorite coffee place. The tune of grinding beans, pouring milk, lively conversations, and oh so sweet coffee’s distinctive aroma is combined with the open ocean making up an atmospheric experience. 

Starbucks’ on Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships provide its passengers the personalized and ambient-oriented service you’ve come to expect from the household name, only this time – it is at sea!

Another exclusive example would be Disney Cruises’ own Cove Café which is an adult-oriented place where passengers can retreat, sit back, relax, and enjoy a selection of gourmet brew of coffee, indulge in a sweet snack, and even consume alcoholic beverages. The cafe offers magazines, books, flat screen tv’s showing the current sports events, and Wi-Fi available for the guests to hook up and manage their online affair or choose their own entertainment on their devices while in the middle of soothing, ocean-breeze filled seating.