Scrambling or alpine scrambling is the way to ascend rocks or ridges. Scrambling has some common features with rock climbing and hillwalking. Distinguishing peculiarities of scrambling is that a person defines a scramble as a kind of the route using hands while ascending.

If you want to get acquainted with the technique of scrambling, it’s worth to know that it requires no special equipment (ropes, body harness, protection hardware) and it doesn’t involve travelling on glaciers or on abrupt slopes. Scrambling includes crossing small streams, walking on marvelous slopes. The freedom from climbing equipment will give you the feeling of enjoyment. At the same time your exposure in risk moments makes scrambling rather dangerous. That’s why scramblers are advised to carry a rope to avoid risk moments or to turn back in order not to get into difficulties.

A great number of mountain tops can be reached by scrambling or walking. Special mountaineering guide books mention these routes. While searching these books you can find the safest way in order to descend from a more dangerous route. Rock hopping is an extreme type of scrambling which means to jump from one rock to another without any protection.