Canyoning is a kind of activity which includes some features of other outdoor kinds of sport (swimming, walking, abseiling, jumping, scrambling, climbing).

          Canyoning and canyoneering are associated with descents and with people who need rappels (abseils) for down-climbing, technical climbing, jumps and swims.

          Canyoning is held in remote regions and requires perfect travel skills (route-finding, navigational skills). To hold perfect canyoning you must possess an ideal canyon that is cut into qualitative rock types, for e.x. basalt, granite, sandstone, limestone. You can find a great variety of canyoning routes in the world. People of different ages and physical skills enjoy this activity. Canyoning equipment includes wetsuits, helmets, special shoes, rope bags, climbing hardware. As interest to canyoning increases greatly nowadays, a great amount of updated equipment appears all over the world to satisfy our needs.