Karting or kart racing involves vehicles called go-karts known for their open-wheel and overall open design. They are usually ridden on a scaled-down version of professional circuits. Karting is perceived as an entry point for more serious, circuit-based driving motorsports such as Formula One.

Commercial enterprises also offer recreational karts for rent. They are leased by sessions ranging from 10 to 30 minutes each and can be raced on a track that can be outdoors or indoors. Most enterprises offer an ‘arrive and drive’ services, where they provide the customer with the car including all of the safety gear involved: gloves, driver jacket, and helmet to use for the duration of their session.

Some countries even allow for go-karts to be used on public roads. However they must possess the proper license, Restrictions apply.  In the European Union, for example, a go-kart must have a horn, taillights, headlights, crossing lings, and its power can’t be over 15 kW.

Outdoor tracks can offer lower-speed karts focused solely on leisure driving, or faster racing karts featuring four-stroke engines of up to 11Kw of power.