Offering a rare chance, for most of us, to live out a dream and drive a sports or exotic car around a race track or selected roads across country. For those not able to drive there are track tours and ride alongs where you are taken by a professional around the track at break-neck speeds. These experiences eliminate the expensive element of owning an exotic sports car and often come in varied tiered and price systems. You get to select a car, get some coaching, take some practise runs and then get to race your car around the track.

You can expect a safety briefing to occur as you may not have driven a car with so much power before, this means you’ll know what to expect and when you’re ready you can head to the track. Here you’ll receive some race coaching and how to tackle the track in an effective way. From this, depending on your selected package, you will be able to race between 5 and 10 laps. No speed limits so put the pedal to the metal! There are however some safety precautions to protect you and everyone else.