Auto racing is the sport that uses specially designed or modified roadworthy cars that are raced on both public and private cars. There are two types of rallies: stage rallies, that have been the sport’s professional branch since the 1960s, and road rallies, that are the original branch. Stage rallies take place on private roads and are a straightforward speed. In contrast, road rallies take place on public (and difficult) roads open to regular traffic. In road rallies, the emphasis is given to the reliability of the car, the accuracy of the timekeeping and the vehicle navigation rather than to the simple speed. Rallies can take place in any conditions and on any surface. In addition, rallies take place every month regardless of the weather conditions at the time. Consequently, since drivers never know what to expect in routes, the dirt roads have lower traction and simply the characteristics of driving small cars, the drives are far less smooth than those of circuit racers. This, in turn, results in numerous corner flips and cars flying over bumps. In an attempt to circumvent this, drives are usually permitted to run stages of the route prior to the start of the rally in order to create pacenotes that help them to prepare for the obstacles ahead. This is known as recce or reconnaissance. In this stage, co-drivers create pacenotes that are then read to the driver during the race via an internal intercom. In turn, the driver uses this information to the best assess of the road ahead of him without impacting on his speed of driving.