A photographer is responsible for producing an image that appealingly portraits the subjects it captures, be it objects, locations, events, or people and animals interacting with all of the formers.

The discipline of photography is highly diversified, comprised of many niches, each one with their own unique requirements and where each photographer looks to employ his abilities in, commonly performing services for more than one niche. Event photography, wedding photography, product photography, and model photography are some of the best knowns.

Lastly, far from only pressing the shutter, a photographer is completely in charge of the composition of the shots he takes, from the lighting to the position of the models, their shades, gestures, clothing, and the overall look of every object positioned within range of its shot.

Some types of photography

Brand photography

Tourism photography

Sightseeing Photography

Fashion Photography

Wedding Photography

Event Photography

Depending on the project-specific requirements, the photographers will use a different approach towards taking the pictures as to do it in a way that their creative, artistic and technical skills result in a shot that reflects the client’s demands.

Besides handling the camera, the photographers also manage much equipment to facilitate the process of capturing the ideal shot: tripods, light, lenses, etc. They also have extensive knowledge of handling digital tools to edit, airbrush, and enhance the images taken with Photoshop or otherwise similar software.