Training programs for astronauts usually involve several physically draining tests using instruments and simulators that can evaluate the contestant’s abilities to withstand different rigors in space travel. At present, the same methods and devices are used with the same intentions but for a purpose slightly different, i.e. entertainment. A game of low-gravity catch, with zero gravity corporation for a photo courtesy; playing a catch game with a passenger nearby in the environment of low-gravity.

Some of these so called simulators are found interesting by the common public, in fact, more than that of any zero-gravity flights. A common man definitely dreams of a smooth float similar to that of an astronaut in space. The NASA has successfully used a modified airplane, the C-9 plane, in attempt of creating such simulations to the likes of an environment that poses to be weightless. This has currently been done for purposes of training as well as to conduct experiments with regards to weightlessness, i.e. without a substantial cost for space travel. Only till recent times, a few selected people were privileged to experience such flights. But today, the company Zero Gravity Corporation, ZERO-G, has pioneered to provide this experience to the common public.

It is a truly amazing experience to have the opportunity of enjoying the ZERO-G Experience of weightlessness in its true sense. The Boeing 727, which has been specifically modified for the purpose of creating an environment for weightlessness, there are parabolic arcs which allow an individual to flip and float similar to that of outer space.