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Welcome to our Heritage and History Tour series, a collection of touring sections that enable you to visit an extraordinary assortment of World Heritage Sites. This special line of journeys has been artistically tailored to offer you to discover some of mankind’s highest achievements and explore nature’s greatest wonders.

Since early 90's Heritage and History Tours had been pioneering tours to the home of so many civilizations and strives to give an understanding of the cultures and peoples who live there. As we travel in small groups or bigger groups, culture divides through real people to people contact. The main focus of our tours is the pursuit of knowledge and a better understanding of the world we live in and its early history.

Our journeys cover not only heritage sites, but also the Battle Reconstruction, Castle tours, Ghost tours, Gondola Rides and many more which signifies cultural diversity, awe-inspiring scenery and genuine interaction with the local people of the places we visit.

Grote Kerk is found in The Hague and is a large church that is built from red brick in Gothic style.

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Located in the charming Thissio neighborhood of Athens is the Hephaestus Temple.

The Åland Islands (or Åland) are an autonomous archipelago between Sweden and Finland. A predominantly Swedish-speaking province of Finland, Åland is comprised of a few large islands and nearly 10,000 smaller ones

Just west of the Kremlin, the Alexander Garden (Alexandrovsky Sad) was laid out between 1819 and 1823 in an effort by Tsar Alexander I to rebuild Moscow after the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

Join our 4-day city break and visit one of the most ancient cities in the world.

The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum (長崎原爆資料館, Nagasaki Genbaku Shiryōkan) is in the city of Nagasaki, Japan. The museum is a remembrance to the atomic bombing of Nagasaki by the United States of America 9 August 1945 at 11:02:35 am.

Some of the best beaches in South America are in the relatively modern city of Mar del Plata, on the Atlantic coast 400 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

Another of Austria's most-visited palaces-and one that should definitely be included on your Vienna travel itinerary-is the spectacular Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere).